Running Specific Training


Running Specific Training
Running Specific Training

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“A runner with strong legs but weak arm muscles and weak core muscles will always be slower than a runner with total body fitness.”

Are you hitting a plateau with your running?
  • Do you want to improve your running performance and run pain free?
  • Are you frustrated from putting in a lot of miles each week and not getting faster?
  • Are you experiencing knee pain, shin splints or pain in your Achilles when running?
Getting past your personal best
  • Whether you are training for a 10km run, half marathon or full marathon, a balanced strength training program is essential in order to become a better and more efficient runner
  • Improve your running economy and build a stronger body
  • Follow a strength training program that is tailored to your needs and that works in conjunction with your current running program
  • Prevent injuries by strengthening the key muscles that are activated when running
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